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Granite Vs. Concrete

Granite Vs. Concrete

Around the turn of the last century when most memorials were upright monuments, flat markers were considered by-products of monument production. They were made from the outside slabs of the block with the bottom side rough and the top polished.

Because the undersides of the markers were uneven, they were cast in a cement foundation for stabilization. Adding an outside border was necessary because all the markers in a cemetery were trimmed with metal-bladed trimmers that scratched the polished granite.

Nowadays most modern cemetery operators around the country no longer need or even want cement in their cemeteries. Cement foundations are completely unnecessary because all markers are now sawn with flat tops and bottoms and most cemeteries use string trimmers for maintenance. Replacing broken cement foundations is the biggest, non-funded liability most cemeteries have and it will only increase in the future because of rising labor costs.

An all-granite marker provides advantages over a marker with a cement foundation because:

  • Granite does not stain, weaken or erode like cement. It looks better through the years with only minimum maintenance.
  • Granite has over 10 times the crushing strength of concrete and will withstand considerably more wear and tear over a longer period of time without failing.
  • It allows more area to carve and personalize.
  • Customers appreciate the beauty and size of all-granite.
  • It can be installed immediately after carving.
  • It is a superior product.
  • It installs easier and is easier to remove for maintenance.

In the 21st century, no new cement foundations need to be placed in a cemetery. We stock a complete line of all-sawn Sierra White granite foundations for upright memorials. In most cases, costs are similar to concrete and granite is considered a permanent foundation with no future repair costs.

Most cemeteries around the country consider a flush individual memorial of 28” by 16” and over large enough to go directly into the ground without a cement foundation. Additionally, a flush companion memorial of 36” by 18” and over is large enough to be installed without cement. Quiring has a complete line of foundations for bronze memorials in several different granite colors. Granite vase bases in a variety of compatible colors are also available.