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Living Headstones

The Future

Cemetery headstones haven’t changed much in 5000 years… until now.
Quiring Monuments is pleased to introduce an innovative approach to memorialization.

While technology has allowed for more mobility, it has also increased the separation of families worldwide. What hasn’t changed is our desire to keep memories of loved ones alive for future generations.

Quiring Monuments has created a new type of headstone which connects families regardless of where they live. Our Living Headstones® memorial blends the timeless tradition of granite headstones with the newest technology available. We provide an interactive "living” memorial that is a legacy for future generations.

Living Headstones® have been featured in some of the country's top news sources including NPR, ABC News, USA Today, FOX Business, The Seattle Times, and others.


How does it work?

Similar to a personal Facebook page, a Living Headstones® archive website contains information you and friends add about your loved one, such as: an obituary, family heritage and history, photos, comments by friends and relatives and even links to share content on popular social sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Quiring Monuments combines technological memorialization with Traditional Granite Memorials by adding a link to the granite memorial which enables users of smart phones to connect to your personalized website. It can be viewed on the phone as visitors wander through the cemetery or on your computer by typing the unique web address into your internet browser. Although others may view the information, only visitors authorized by the family administrator can post information on the web page.

Watch Our Video

Living Headstones® - QR Codes Turn Headstones into Interactive Memorials

Adding to Existing Memorials

This link can be applied to new or existing cemetery headstones, mausoleum shutters, cremation urns, garden benches or as an addition to a public memorial. In situations where cremated remains were previously scattered, a miniature memorial plaque with the digital link is available for display in your home or garden or even on a field stone in a Green Burial Cemetery.


The price of one Living Headstones® code link and a lifetime subscription to the Living Headstones® personal web page is $125.00 with the purchase of each headstone or monument from Quiring Monuments.
The price of one Living Headstones® code link and a lifetime subscription to the Living Headstone personal web page for attachment to an existing headstone or memorial is $156.00.

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