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Meet Our Team

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Meet our team of talented and caring professionals.
Just like every memorial we create, they are unique, colorful and each has a different story.....


Jon Reece President/CCO (Chief Collaboration Officer)

Hometown: Lake Tapps, WA
Favorite Granite: Paradiso – (India)
Favorite Epitaph: “There goes the neighborhood” – Rodney Dangerfield
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Beverage: Deer Garden IPA - Spider City Brewing Company
Fantasy Trip: Helicopter Skiing Trip in the Monashees
Who do you Remember: Mom, who passed from cancer in ‘13 at the young age of 71
How Do You Stay Inspired: By working with talented and engaging people in our business and from the energy I receive from outdoor activities


April Hewitt Controller

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Favorite Granite: Blue Pearl
Favorite Epitaph: “She did it the hard way” ~ Bette Davis
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Beverage: Mongoose IPA
Fantasy Trip: London 1940 to hear Winston Churchill speak
Who do you Remember: My beautiful sister-in-law, who died tragically at 42          
How Do You Stay Inspired: By constantly learning and reading.  I get energy and inspiration every day from working with wonderful people, who love to brainstorm on continuous improvement.



John Locke Memorial Consultant

Hometown: Punaluu, Oahu, HI
Favorite Granite: Tropical Green
Favorite Epitaph: This Is My Beloved
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Beverage: Tequila
Fantasy Trip: The Library of Alexandria - 50 BC - fantasy right
Who do you Remember: My Parents – It’s All About Family
How Do You Stay Inspired:  Knowing we are genuinely assisting families at a crucial time in their life’s journey – with only their best interests at heart. This truly is a noble profession.


Lacy Frye Memorial Consultant

Hometown: Milwaukee
Favorite Granite: Blue Pearl
Favorite Epitaph: “Now I know something you don’t”
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Beverage: Apple Cider
Fantasy Trip: To explore ancient ruins and places of history
Who do you Remember: It varies from day to day - usually family members who were gone too soon and were loved enough to leave a wound.
How Do You Stay Inspired: My own family and families we serve. Having come from a place of grief before, it's a reminder of how hard it is and how I want to always make sure I have a family's best interest at heart. The team I work with is a huge reminder because we all genuinely have that same goal in mind.


Kimberly Lofgren Customer Service Manager

Hometown: Rochester
Favorite Granite: Bahama Blue
Favorite Epitaph: No pain, no grief, no anxious fear can reach our loved one sleeping here.
Favorite Season: Winter when there's snow, otherwise Spring.
Favorite Beverage: Milk
Fantasy Trip: Ireland
Who do you Remember: My grandma and grandpa Lofgren who showed what love for family is and lived a lifetime through change.
How Do You Stay Inspired:  My dad, the hardest working man I know, inspires me every day to strive to be like him. Working for an amazing company, surrounding myself with people who encourage me to be better than I was yesterday.



Mineva Moimoi    Memorial Consutant - Wholesale

Hometown: Edmonton
Favorite Granite: Emerald Pearl
Favorite Epitaph: I wish I knew him when we were kids, so I could have loved him longer
Favorite Season: Fall/Winter
Favorite Beverage: Gingerale & Apple Juice
Fantasy Trip: Buenos Aires, Argentina (La  Recoleta Cemetery).
Who do you Remember: My only brother, father, uncle and grandma Tala.
How Do You Stay Inspired:  My family, the love they imbedded in me, makes me want to infect positivity to everyone I come in contact with. The amazing team I work with to achieve making a monumental memorial for families has become my OHANA.


Stephanie Read   Memorial Consultant - Wholesale 

Hometown: Victoria, Texas
Favorite Granite: Gray St. Cloud
Favorite Epitaph: Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere. - Carl Sagan
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Fantasy Trip: New Zealand
Who do you Remember: My Grandfather-in-law, Dean.
How Do You Stay Inspired:  My family and watching my kiddo grow and explore everything around him. Being surrounded with great people every day who love what they do.


Dave Reaber  Shop Foreman

Hometown: Shoreline, WA
Favorite Granite: Blue Pearl (Norway)
Favorite Epitaph: Forever In Our Hearts – Jimi Hendrix
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Beverage: Big Wave – Kona Brewing Company
Fantasy Trip: Tour the Gibson guitar factory
Who do you Remember: My first work supervisor (Ray) taught me to measure twice.
How Do You Stay Inspired:  Working with the best stone carvers in the business. Always looking for a way to do something better.


Dave Erho Director of Operations

Hometown: Pacific NW
Favorite Granite: Galaxy Black
Favorite Epitaph: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Favorite Season: Fall (Football Season)       
Favorite Beverage: Makers Mark
Fantasy Trip: Anywhere I can relax and not think about reality
Who do you Remember: Depends on the day. Usually someone pops into my head when I'm telling someone how to do something. And I stop and think, well, that's what that person meant years ago when I thought I knew it all and ignored them. 
How Do You Stay Inspired:  Just remembering regardless of what is going on in my day to day life what I am doing is for the families, and if it was my family's memorial, would it be good enough for me?


Dave Haab Purchasing and Facilities

Hometown: Snohomish, WA
Favorite Granite: Royal Emerald from Coldspring
Favorite Epitaph: All the world's a stage, we are merely players.
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Beverage: Peach Tea
Fantasy Trip: Driving a pro stock car
Who do you Remember: All the old Quiring guys not with us anymore.
How Do You Stay Inspired:  By knowing there will be another challenge or task to take on.


Our Production Department

Team Members: Thank you Tim, Drew, Dave, Vern, Jeff, Michael and the rest of the gang! 
What they're doing: Helping you permanently preserve memories beyond imagination every day....


Our Delivery and Inventory Team

Team Members: Thank you Dave, Zach & Dave 
What they're doing: These men are responsible for ordering, handling and delivering well over 2 million .lbs of granite every year!


Our Accounting, Order Entry and Customer Service Team:

Team Members: Thank you Mineva, Stephanie, Kimberly, Misty, April, Trista and John
What they're doing: Meet our dedicated Customer Service and Accounting Department. These folks enter and manage well over 10,000 orders per year


Reid Miller Art Department Manager

Hometown: Vancouver, WA
Favorite Granite: Black
Favorite Epitaph: "I told you I was sick"
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Beverage: Bourbon & Water. Not mixed of course, they each deserve their own glass
Fantasy Trip: Ireland
Who do you Remember: My father and grandparents, gone far too young
How Do You Stay Inspired:  By visiting the older sections of cemeteries


Our Design Team:

Team Members: You might recognize the following initials from your proof drawings: RM, TL, and EE
What they're doing: Our talented group of artists created 10,871 proof drawings for our customers last year and brought home multiple design awards!