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Why Granite is Preferred for Cemetery Monuments


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There are many types of granite found all over the earth but very few memorial quality deposits. The proper amount of molten mixing of the correct mineralogical components and then a slow cooling over many thousands of years can create deposits where memorial grade granites may be quarried. read more

The Art of Hand Carving and Engraving


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For centuries, artists and craftsmen have worked hard to transform raw slabs of various kinds of stone into beautiful memorials that use words and images to lovingly preserve the lives and legacies of those who have gone before us. read more

To Color or Not to Color, That is the Question


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Some folks in my company, Quiring Monuments, Inc. in Seattle, WA had a few technical questions about granite coloring/contrasting products, so I decided to go to the source for answers. The decision to add contrast and color begs the question of "How"? How do we add beautiful and lasting color and contrast to the stone? read more

Why Husbands Are Buried on the Left


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When admiring a monument or memorial, it's helpful to know some important facts about symbolism. In previous posts, we've explored significant symbols and their meaning as well as religious symbols. However, there are usually less obvious elements of significance and symbolism. read more

Five Ways to Customize Your Pet's Memorial


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Pets give so much and ask for very little in return. Because each pet is unique and we want to reflect that in the memorials we create for them, let us introduce you to some options for creating the perfect pet memorial. read more