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How Will You be Remembered? A Guide to Epitaphs



The process of deciding what to put on your own memorial can be difficult. In this post, we'll focus on two things: (1) how to decide what to put on your memorial and (2) that deciding what to put on your memorial while you're still alive actually has its benefits—not only for your loved ones in the future, but also for you now. read more

7 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Cemetery Memorial


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Cemetery Monuments are items that many people never have to shop for. However, if you ever do need to find an appropriate memorial for a loved one, you should have some idea of what questions to ask before you purchase. Here at Quiring Monuments, we know it is a difficult task to find the just the right company to help you design just the right memorial stone. read more

Why Granite is Preferred for Cemetery Monuments


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There are many types of granite found all over the earth but very few memorial quality deposits. The proper amount of molten mixing of the correct mineralogical components and then a slow cooling over many thousands of years can create deposits where memorial grade granites may be quarried. read more