7-things-to-consider-when-purchasing-a-cemetery-memorial-photo.jpgCemetery Monuments are items that many people never have to shop for. However, if you ever do need to find an appropriate memorial for a loved one, you should have some idea of what questions to ask before you purchase. 

Here at Quiring Monuments, we know it is a difficult task to find the just the right company to help you design just the right memorial stone. We hope the information below will be of help.

  1. Normally you should begin your discovery after you know exactly which cemetery the memorial will be placed into. Most cemeteries have rules and regulations specifically defining the shape, finish, size and the type of material for the monuments they permit in particular areas. At Quiring Monuments we have a downloadable check list that will help you ask the right questions. Just go to http://www.monuments.com/images/downloads/cemetery-regulations-checklist.pdf
  2. It is important that you work with a monument maker that can put everything together: the right size, color and shape, the proper artistic symbolism and a just right epitaph carved into the stone and all this done at a reasonable price. We also provide a link that will help you understand these details. http://www.monuments.com/headstones/pricing
  3. Most monument companies use only top quality "memorial grade” granite that is guaranteed by the quarry/manufacturer to be free from cracks and flaws. Rarely we find a piece that has had flaws that were not noticeable when we did the original carving but it does happen and most monument makers guarantee that they will replace and re-carve if any serious problems with the stone show up later. So you should check for a written guarantee when you are ready to purchase. Make sure that the company you are using has a reputation for honesty and integrity and has been around for long enough so that their guarantee actually means something. Click here for more information on our Warranty and details on Shipping your memorial. http://www.monuments.com/shipping-information
  4. Even though there are many folks that can paint a picture on canvas only a small number can do it with amazing artistry and heartfelt inspiration. When you add the difficulty of creating that one-of-a-kind memorial in stone again there are only a few who have the skill, craftsmanship and passion to make a piece of natural stone into a timeless tribute. Look for the company that will present you with an artful drawing of the proposed design before you pay a deposit. Here are some ideas for what to include in the memorial for your special person and some examples of award winning designs that we have created over the last few years. http://www.monuments.com/blog/grave-markers/meaningful-memorializaiton-idea-guide-formhttp://www.monuments.com/award-winning-memorials
  5. Each one of us occupies a unique place in our time and space on this earth. No matter where we live or how we live, we all place our distinctive fingerprint on our world. Monuments can come in many different colors. Granite is the material we recommend. It is an igneous rock and is one of the hardest materials on our earth. It is not affected by acid rain or by natural heat or cold and can last unchanged for thousands of years. Here are a few of the granite colors we have in stock. http://www.monuments.com/granite-colors
  6. If you would like to read what our customers say about our customer service and our products you can visit our current customer testimonials at http://www.monuments.com/customer-testimonials.
  7. If you would like more information you can call us at 1-800 824-0669 or go to www.monuments.com.