Each year families throughout the United States come together on the third Thursday of November to celebrate Thanksgiving. The days leading up to Thanksgiving create travel records that only Christmas can even come close to beating.

But while we traditionally sit down with the family to enjoy a turkey dinner with all the fixings and watch some football, there are other ways to celebrate this holiday with those you love. Here are five Thanksgiving traditions you can start with your family as a way to enjoy more time together and share what you’re thankful for each year.

1. Have a Special Breakfast

It may sound unconventional, but having a special breakfast on Thanksgiving can be a fun way to start the day all together as a family. It doesn’t have to include many special side dishes or take hours to prepare like Thanksgiving dinner usually does but starting a breakfast tradition can be a fun way to gather everyone up for a short time.

2. Go for a Family Walk

Whether it happens before the immense food consumption begins or sometimes after as a way to get up and move again, going on a walk as a family is an excellent way to get outdoors and enjoy the weather together. If you want to really spend the time bonding, have everyone leave their electronic devices at home. Just make sure the oven is off before you go!

3. Start a Family Notebook of Thanks

Before a Thanksgiving meal begins, it’s common to go around the table and have everyone state what they are thankful for from the past year. To add to this tradition, why not pass around a notebook and have everyone write down their gratitude. As the years pass, everyone can be reminded of what they’ve written in years gone by and what is most important in life.

4. Play the Game of Thanks

Another option related to stating what you’re thankful for is to turn it into a fun family game. Have each person secretly write down what they are grateful for this year, and then place all the papers into a bowl or basket. Have someone pick one out and read it aloud to the group so that everyone can guess whose gratitude it is!

5. Leave Space at the Table

We often give thanks on Thanksgiving for the time we have with our family and friends. One way to honor and remember those not present is to leave a space at the table for them. Whether they couldn’t make it to dinner because of travel restrictions or because they are no longer with us on Earth, leaving a spot to represent their presence is a great way to include them still.

Memories That Last Forever

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