five-ways-to-customize-your-pet-s-memorial-photo.jpgPets give so much and ask for very little in return. Unfortunately, their lives are short and when they are gone they leave a large void in our hearts. Many of us choose to remember our pets with a stone memorial placed in our garden or home. 

Because each pet is unique and we want to reflect that in the memorials we create for them, let us introduce you to some options for creating the perfect pet memorial.

1. A picture, either a ceramic photo (below left) or carved in the stone (below right), reminds us of the special relationship between us and our pet. We can immediately relate to that look we captured in our buddy’s eye as he waits for us to throw the ball or greets us at the door when we come home. Large or small each memorial takes us back to those unforgettable times we enjoyed with our beloved friend.


2. Carved artwork, is another way for us to remember a unique characteristic of our missing pal. We can carve an ornate likeness or a refined line drawing from our archives which brings an instant connection through the years. An engraved paw print is a simple element that adds a personalized touch. 


3. Epitaphs add another perspective to any memorial. Sometimes a few extra words carved in granite can take you back to a shared time and help you find solace. Like "Your paw prints are in my heart forever!” or "You came, you purred, you conquered and left a trail of beautiful memories.” Take some time and you will find the perfect endearment to add to your loved one’s memorial.


4. Special features are another good way to make your memorial more personal. A bronze plaque may be the perfect solution to create a meaningful memorial. Or, we can inlay a pet’s name tag or even a favorite tennis ball. We are open to your suggestions if there are items that you want to include.


5. QR codes can be scanned with wireless mobile devices to take users to specific websites. Now, QR codes are placed on memorials and can lead viewers to a website dedicated to sharing stories, photos, and more of your pet. Since space on memorials is limited, information and memories about furry friends can be shared by utilizing QR codes to enrich the gravesite experience.