We commend our pets as loyal companions and often refer to dogs as a man’s best friend. Even after they are gone, each and every one of them maintains a special stronghold on our hearts. 

We remember the good times and the bad when our furry friends were always there for us. Whether it was playing catch at the beach, cuddling while watching a movie, or keeping you company at the foot of your bed, these moments will be cherished in our memories forever.

It is for this reason that our team of Designers and Craftsmen at Quiring Monuments would like to extend an offer to provide high quality, customizable pet monuments to help you share in the loving memory of your beloved pet.

A pet memorial will usually consist of the pet’s name and dates along with some kind of additional detail—a photo, a mounted toy (a tennis ball, for example), or a unique engraving. Basic memorials typically range from $200-$300 but these add-ons and others can be used to enhance your pet’s memorial.

The truth is, no memorial can truly represent all of the years of loyalty, companionship, and joy our pets have brought us. All we can do is try and create a unique memento that helps us remember those cherished times we had with our beloved pets.