the-history-of-grave-markers-photo.6.gif.jpegThe act of remembering is an essential human activity. We remember significant dates, profound moments, and formative lessons. We remember life’s joys and celebrations, as well as its struggles and pain. 

Most importantly, however, we remember people—those special individuals who impacted our lives. 

One important way to remember people is to commemorate their lives, character, and legacy after they have passed away. How is this possible? Memorial services are a moving and beautiful way to celebrate the lives of those we love, yet they only last a matter of moments.  

Customized memorials, however, permanently preserve the stories of those we love well after those attending the service have returned to their homes. Customized memorials come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, so it’s important to pause when considering what to put on the memorial of someone you love. 

Spend a few moments thinking of the person. What words, phrases, or stories come to mind? Did she have a favorite song? Did he have a favorite quotation? How would he or she like to be remembered? Think of the personalized memorial as a way to provide a summary or representation of that person’s life.  

Some people select Bible verses. Others choose favorite song lyrics. Still others opt for a family saying or a memorized quotation. Whatever you choose, you will be honoring the life, character, and legacy of someone you love—permanently preserving his or her story for us all to remember.