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Such a special time and memory for us

Peg E.

So funny to get your email - I was just getting ready to email these pics to you! My husband and I just returned... Cody's bench is along a trail that leads to several beautiful places, so there is a fairly steady stream of traffic....

It is so gorgeous and peaceful! We couldn't ask for a more perfect and beautiful tribute for our dear Cody! It has such a special meaning to the (local) folks because that mountain is right there - you can look up and see it every day! We had so many compliments, hugs and thank yous for doing this!

The bench and timing of it all couldn't have been more perfect! We had 6 friends come to visit for a week - so they got to see it too - very special! Cody made Kahlua for his college friends many times - so we toasted him with shots of Kahlua to christen the bench and again the day before we left. Many folks joined us - such a special time and memory for us! Several people wanted to know where this beautiful piece of art came from - don't be surprised if you hear from some folks here! We can't thank you enough for creating this perfect, flawless, beautiful piece of art for our family and Cody's many friends!!!!