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It's not just a monument for him but for the whole family.

Jeannette and Elizabeth

I want to personally thank you for all the help you gave Jonathon and Elizabeth in the production and completion of the monument for their father. It is not just a monument for him but for the whole family. You helped Jonathon fulfill his dream and promise. To think they had been planning and working with you for over a year and I never had any idea. I know that I should have done this years ago but every time I checked into a head stone I felt cold and that if I did it the love would end. It was like the curtain call and I could not face it. As time went on I could not even afford a single plain stone and I knew William needed more than that. Our children were our life. You and your staff took their ideas and created the most awesome tribute. Every detail is amazing. It does not show an end of life but a lifetime of love and joy. Thank you and your staff so much.


My brother and I contacted Quiring Monuments about creating a headstone for our parents. Our father passed away over 21 years ago and our mother could never bring herself around to buying a stone for him. She said it would finalize his death for her. My four brothers and I decided to surprise her with a double stone to memorialize their everlasting love for each other. Quiring Monuments helped us to create the most beautiful stone to represent our parents' personalities and went above our dreamed envision! Now our parents have the best looking memorial on the block in the cemetery!

The lady we were working with kept in touch with us on a regular basis and even photographed the "behind the scene" making of the stone. It was great to see all of the hard work that went into it. Everyone who sees it falls in love with the beautiful artwork and are blown away by the craftsmanship. Thank you so much for helping our dreams for the perfect stone to memorialize our parents' love come true!