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Customer Review

Whenever we see a butterfly we are reminded of her...


I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the wonderful work you all did on my daughter's headstone piece. It was a great pleasure working with the staff and especially how much attention was put towards her memorial. The photographs that were taken in each step of the development of the final piece were also a joy to have as a remembrance. They are truly treasured and reflect the type of service you all provide for your customers.

Being an artist, I was very happy to see the artwork that I designed for her memorial piece reproduced as close as to what I submitted. You all took special care of us in our time of need and my family thanks you very much for what you provided us. We know you were doing your job, but it is that job which I thank you for having. Without you there, you could not make a lasting impression on everyone.

Emily was only here for 18 months, but she will always be remembered, never forgotten. She was a special girl to everyone.... Whenever we see a butterfly, we are reminded of her, and sometimes they appear at the most unexpected times....

I am so glad that I was able to share her with you, as you all were able to share yourselves in making her memorial a living tribute. Thank you all for taking the care you do, in what you do. I hope to visit one day and thank you all in person.