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The amazing details confirmed I made the right choice

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The marker was shipped today to Santa Barbara Monumental Co. for installation at Canejo Memorial Park in Camarillo, CA.

I spoke with Michelle (Mother) yesterday and sent her a handful of photos showing her son, Sean’s completed memorial. Short story, Michelle is super pleased with services, design and craftsmen support! She told me the amazing details featured in the very first drawing only confirmed to her she made the right choice in a monument Co.

She also said it became her mission to research a state of the art company who could provide a specialized and meaningful memorial. It was essential to create a beautiful tribute to her only child who passed away suddenly at the tender age of 17.

No ordinary headstone would do and she was happy to find Quiring Monuments for coordinating these special plans.

She recognizes deep value in the road to healing in shared stories with his closest friends, confiding there is renewed strength & healing gained in the relationship of his friends. The photos will be posted on the Facebook pages of all his buddies. And they can hardly wait to see Sean’s memorial in place.