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Customer Review

The monument is absolutely exceptional...


I too, have been meaning to contact you after the installation - it seems that after Steven's monument was installed, my mind just needed to go somewhere else for a little while.

Everything went so well. The installation of the bases, the timing of the shipment and arrival of the monument in Fargo, the immediate turnaround & delivery to Aberdeen, just could not have worked out any better. The men who installed it were so professional and respectful and did perfect work. We had the placement down to the 1/32", centered and proportionate on site. I sent a note to Dave and Jon at Dakota Monument right after they left (in my final payment) telling them what a wonderful work their installers did. (One of the men is going through a very difficult time as his Dad is just about at the end of his life with cancer and when I put Steven's statue of his little dog on the monument after they were finished, he started to cry – we had hugs all around.)

So, it was a very emotional day. Steven's Christina made a 1-day trip out from Minneapolis to be here for the installation and I was so glad to have her with me. We look quite happy in the photo but there was such a mix of emotions at the point of the photo, I don't know if we felt "a’-foot or a’-horseback"!

One thing was for sure, though, the monument is absolutely exceptional, perfectly done in all respects - workmanship, stone selection and quality, the text, design - strong, appropriately stately yet graceful, and unique among all the others. It is a representation of Steven and speaks directly to the man he was and the life that he lived(s).The brothers in Minneapolis haven't seen it yet, but they will be coming here in 2 weeks and we will have a late "stone-setting" and Japanese Lantern release. We'll probably do one more sage burning, too (a Lakota tradition).

Words cannot convey just how grateful I am to you for your gentle and respectful personal guidance as we worked together to ensure Steven’s monument would stand forever as a reminder of his ‘Wonderful Life’ and his contributions to the ‘Stars’.

I knew I wasn’t alone and that meant so much. Your understanding of my personality and what was required seemed to come so easily to you. Honestly, I felt like I was working with a caring friend who had known me (& Steven, too) for a long time. It didn’t take very long before I knew that a casual internet search had led me to the right place.

Now, to all of the staff at Quiring who worked on Steven’s monument, thank you. And to you we will always remember you and be grateful that you are the person who was there for us.

From the bottom of our hearts,thank you. Steven would have loved the monument and I just know the two of you would have had a really good conversation - he so enjoyed seeing others smile.

In gratitude and with all good wishes for happiness and smiles, always.