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Customer Review

You exceeded our expectations, and we are so grateful.

Carolyn H.

Well, we were quite a sight out there at Abbey View on Sunday, January 14th, sweeping snow off marker after marker to find our brother Larry Speer's re-made marker, and our mother Gladys Speer's marker with the fabulous keyboard that just screams "the piano lady", which she was!

We were quite a sight on that snowy day, but as it turned out the snow offered just the comic relief we all needed as we laughingly trudged through the snow, finally found the markers, poured what was left of someone's bottled water on them to clear the ice, set our flowers in place, and held our brief but poignant ceremony to honor Mom and Dad and our brother, Larry, after which the little great-grandkids let their sunny yellow balloons sail skyward so their Great-Grandma Gladys could catch them.
If not for your collective efforts to complete the markers in time for this gathering, it just would not have been the same. This is very likely the last time everyone in our family will gather there at Abbey View together, and having the markers in place meant more than you can possibly know. On behalf of everyone in our family, I want to thank you so very much for helping us "complete" this part of our memorial weekend in this way. Our sweet memories of that day will help us through the days ahead as we adjust to life without our beloved Mother and piano lady. In addition, Larry Jr. was very pleased with the remake of the marker for his father who he never had a chance to know.
You exceeded our expectations, and we are so grateful.