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Quiring has one beyond satisfied customer and I cannot wait to refer you guys.

Jenny and Family

I am getting teary eyed just thinking about how wonderful of a process you and Quiring made this for my family and I. This is such a bittersweet moment because I know our time is coming to a near end as the delivery truck is enroute to Skylawn but this past 4 months dealing with you has been unforgettable.

We truly appreciate it and again, words cannot express the gratitude I have for you and your colleagues at Quiring. I know my dad would definitely be proud of me for finding you guys (thank you Google!!) and you guys definitely did not let him down. He knows I have a knack for the finer things (and companies) in life and he trusts my judgment when it comes to things that look good so I am so sure he is smiling and patting me on the back for this one. Heck, I am patting myself on the back for finding you guys because I knew you guys are great at what you do but you definitely blew me out of the waters! And I haven't even seen the memorial in person yet. I actually have a good idea of showing you our first impressions when we see it so let’s see if I can pull through with it, if not, I will definitely update you guys through email though.

Here's a story for your and the crew to draw to the point that Quiring's work is nothing short of spectacular. This past weekend I was talking to my aunt (dad's sister) and we were trying to figure a good day when to set dad's memorial and she was telling me about her and her late husband's memorial. She saw it for the first time this past Thursday and the pain in her voice and from her expression was almost unbearable to see. She was talking about all the things that were wrong they used all white litho, it's so plain, there's not enough character and when she saw dad's (from my phone because I saved the pictures you sent me) I can see that she was disappointed hers wasn't like that. Unfortunately all I could say was "sorry". I wish my cousins put me in charge of their dad's memorial because I would've found you sooner but that isn't my place.

However, truth be told, I am EXTREMELY proud of you and Quiring and the beautiful monument you made for dad and mom. Every chance I've had, I would show family the pictures on my phone and goon a full boast mode spiel about Quiring, "Yeah MY company was great, they did everything, they came up with the design!" I can't take any credit for the work you guys did but I take full and complete credit for finding you guys! I cannot wait till the memorial comes in because I know I will have everyone asking about it and you know what? I will have NO hesitation referring you and Quiring!

Thanks to [your designer], thanks to [your customer service rep], thanks to [your production crew] and all of Quiring (and to Mr. Quiring himself!) for an absolute pleasant experience from start to finish. Quiring has one BEYOND SATISFIED customer and I cannot wait to refer you guys. THANK YOU QUIRING MONUMENTS!