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The Philosophy of Memorialization


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Why do humans have such a strong desire to erect memorials? What deep-seated drive impels us to build monuments? The answer can be found in the definition of the word "monument." read more

Memorial Day Memories 2012 by David Quiring


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For many people, Memorial Day is an exciting holiday. It marks the beginning of summer and workers get a 3-day weekend. It's the start of boating, camping, and hiking seasons and school is almost over. But how many of us remember the original purpose of this holiday? read more

Asian Memorials - Religious Art Series Part 3


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Saturated with religion, the continent of Asia features many of the world's major religious traditions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Christianity, Taoism, Islam, and others. This article talks briefly about some of Asian religious art's most recognizable symbols and their related meanings. read more

Jewish Memorials - Religious Art Series Part 2


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Like other religious traditions, Jewish art features many symbols, some well known and others less so. In part 2 of our series on religious memorial art, we explore some of Jewish religious art's most significant symbols and their related meanings. read more

Harold J. Schaller Monument Renderings Slideshow


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Harold Schaller was considered by many in the commemorative arts industry to be one of America's foremost Designer-Memorialists. In this slideshow put together by David Quiring, we see some of Harold's hand drawn renderings of his greatest works. read more