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Harold J. Schaller Monument Renderings Slideshow


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Harold Schaller was considered by many in the commemorative arts industry to be one of America's foremost Designer-Memorialists. In this slideshow put together by David Quiring, we see some of Harold's hand drawn renderings of his greatest works. read more

Catholic Memorials - Religious Art Series Part 1


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This four-part series takes a close look at the symbolism and meaning behind this use of religious art to commemorate and celebrate the lives of those we love. With familiar symbols and easily distinguishable designs known across many different cultures, Catholic religious art has been used to adorn headstones, grave markers, and memorials for centuries. read more

Exploring Memorial/Monuments Symbols and Their Value


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What is the value of a cemetery monument? Most memorialists like to think in terms of Emblems, Symbols and Graphic Elements when trying to determine the best perspective for a headstone design. There are subtle differences in the terms and they bear a bit of scrutiny. read more

9 of the Most Famous and Historic Monuments


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During the course of your life, you've most likely visited a handful of monuments. These monuments no doubt moved you to pause and remember someone or something worth remembering. Here's a list of some of the largest and most recognizable monuments in the world. read more