welcome-to-the-quiring-monuments-blog-photo.4.gif.jpegOur world has changed quickly and dramatically in just a few short years. Even in the staid and traditional monument business we’re seeing evidence of the rapid changes technology has brought to our world. Today, families are using more cremation and scattering and making less use of cemeteries. Consequently, there are fewer permanent memorials than we saw just two years ago.

At Quiring Monuments, we believe there is a way to reset our expectations as an industry in order to prepare for the road ahead of us.

In this new blog we will address this evolution by taking a look at situations and trends around the world and inviting discussion from the industry, our partners, and our customers as to how we can properly adapt and forge a new path to the future.

British politician Sir William Gladstone said:

"Show me the manner in which a nation cares for itsdead and I will measure with mathematical exactnessthe tender mercies of its people, their respect for thelaws of the land and their loyalty to high ideals.”

Has humankind changed so much that this no longer applies to us? Or, are we going in the wrong direction? As a culture, do we really have less respect for the laws of the land and high ideals? Most important, is it within our capability to do something about it?

I believe we have a duty to the monument business and humankind’s collective future to find a way to reconcile our changing world with the fundamental truth in Gladstone’s quote.

If this perspective rings a bell and you have any words of wisdom on the subject please feel free to respond.